In order to ensure its smooth running we have developed some basic policies and procedures. They are mainly to ensure the safety of everyone using or working in the Centre and to provide a happy and stimulating environment for the children to learn and develop. These will be regularly reviewed and we would welcome any suggestions or ideas you may have. Please discuss them with any member of the Centre Team or put them in writing to the Manager.


Sickness Policy

Woodlands Children’s Centre wants to provide a healthy environment for children, parents, families and staff. We therefore request that if you or your child are not well that you do not attend the Centre.

If you or your child have had diarrhoea or sickness then we request that you do not attend the Centre for at least 48 hours after the last attack.

If your child has head lice then we will not exclude them but request that it is treated immediately and if the child has long hair that it is tied up to reduce the risk of it spreading.

We will do our best to notify parents and users if there have been any outbreaks of illnesses such as chicken pox etc.

We have information on childhood illnesses and incubation periods etc. Please ask a member of the family room or Centre staff.


Accidents and Incidents

We have made the Centre as safe and as child-friendly as possible, however accidents will occasionally happen as children develop new skills.

Most of the staff at the Centre have received training in First Aid for babies and children and will be able to assist.

If the child requires medical help then an ambulance will be called.

A First Aid Kit is available in the Family Room and in the main Centre office.

An account of the accident/incident will be recorded in the Centre’s book and parents requested to sign the entry.


No Smoking Policy

Parents and users of the Centre are requested not to smoke or vape within the Centre building or within the grounds. Woodlands Children’s Centre is a NO SMOKING area.

Mobile Phones

We have signs up around the Centre requesting that you turn off your mobile phone.

We want the time you spend at the Centre to be focused on interacting with your child(ren), playing and talking with them. Mobile phones bleeping and ringing can interrupt the child’s play and this special time.

If you need to leave your ‘phone on in case of an emergency then please do put it on silent and keep calls and texts whilst in the Centre to those that are essential.


Compliments, Complaints and Concerns

We welcome parents and users views on the Centre.

If you have any compliments, complaints or concerns about any aspect of the Centre please do share them with a member of the Centre Staff Team.

We also have a comments book available for parents and users to write in, in the main reception area.

If you have a complaint or concern and would like to discuss it in private then please ask to see the Centre Manager. If after meeting with the Manager, your concerns remain unresolved then you may contact the Head at Gilbert Scott Primary School or the Governing Body.

We value your views.


Healthy Eating Policy

We will encourage children, parents, families and carers to make healthy food choices. We will promote healthy eating through providing food activities such as cooking cubs, providing information and signposting. Healthy snacks will be organised for the whole group by the Centre. The children enjoy sitting and eating together and this provides great opportunities to learn about table manners, sharing and social skills. We request that parents do NOT offer their children food whilst attending sessions in the Family Room. This can cause problems with other children wanting the food and some children may have allergies. If you are weaning a baby and you need to feed him/her then please let a member of the family room know and they will make arrangements for you.



The staff at Woodlands Children’s Centre will respect the confidentiality of the families using the Centre.

Any information that is shared with them will remain confidential within the Centre, unless the parent or carer gives their permission for the information to be given to another professional or relevant agency. For example when referring to a speech and language therapist.

Confidentiality will only be broken if the member of staff has concerns regarding the welfare of the child. If they have concerns that a child may be being abused, physically, sexually, emotionally or being neglected then the Centre staff will refer the matter to the duty Social Worker at Croydon’s Social Services.



Whilst in the Centre parents and carers remain responsible for their children, unless they are in a crèche, whilst attending training or meetings. If parents or carers need to leave their child(ren) for a few moments, for example to go to the toilet, we request that they arrange for another parent to keep an eye on their child(ren) or let the early years assistant/educator know. We request that you play alongside your child, joining in with the activities. This will help your child to feel confident in the Centre and enhance their learning and development. If you have children of differing ages, for example a baby and a pre-schooler then please do ask the early years assistant/educator who can support you.

Taking Photographs within Woodlands Children’s Centre

Centre staff regularly take photographs of the children doing activities within the Centre. These are for the Children’s Learning Stories or for displays around the Centre.

Photographs of the children will not be used on the website or on Facebook (except for special promotional events when parental permission will be sought)

If you do not want your child photographed please let the Centre Staff know.

Parents are welcome to take photographs of their own children doing activities within the Centre, however we ask that parents are aware of other children who may also appear in the photograph and try to avoid this whenever possible.

These guidelines have been developed to help safeguard children within the Centre. If you have any concerns regarding them please do not hesitate to ask a member of Centre Staff.


Breastfeeding Policy

We welcome breastfeeding in all areas of our premises. If you would prefer more privacy please ask a member of staff.

Woodlands Children’s Centre believes that breastfeeding is the healthiest way for a woman to feed her baby and recognises the important health benefits now known to exist for both the mother and her child.

Staff will not discriminate against any woman in her chosen method of infant feeding and will fully support her when she has made that choice.

Staff recognise the possible sensitivity and embarrassment that breastfeeding in a public area may cause to other service users and how this may cause discomfort to a breastfeeding mother. Mothers will be supported to find a suitable place for them to breastfeed where they feel comfortable and if they require greater privacy we will offer private rooms if available.

All Centre staff will respect the privacy of a breastfeeding mother and child and will not disturb them unless there is an emergency or they are feeding in an area that poses a health and safety risk to them or other Centre users or staff.


Facebook/Twitter/Mobile Numbers

Centre Staff have been asked not to ‘add’ parents and Centre users to their Facebook accounts as ‘friends’ or to give out their personal mobile phone or landline telephone numbers. This is a standard policy used in Schools and Centres in order to safeguard families and staff.

Please do not ask staff to be ‘friends’ on Facebook or to disclose telephone numbers. It can be embarrassing for staff to refuse.


Equal Opportunities Policy

All children, parents, carers and extended families are welcome in the Centre. We will not discriminate on any grounds, be it race, colour, culture, ability or disability, gender, social or economic background or religion.

We welcome everyone to enjoy the facilities in the Centre in an environment that enables everyone to work and play together.

Activities will be planned that reflect our diverse society.

If you or your child has a particular need, please do let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your requirements if we can.

We request that all users of the Centre respect other users. We will not permit inappropriate behaviour of a racist or abusive nature within the Centre.


Safeguarding Children Policy

The welfare of the children in the Centre is very important.

If any member of staff has concerns that a child may be being abused, physically, sexually, emotionally or being neglected then they may refer the matter to the duty Social Worker at Croydon’s Social Services.


Safeguarding Contact for Centre 

Takira Grant - Universal Services Co-ordinator

Social Services Duty Officer  

020 8726 6400

Emergency (Out of Hours)  

020 8726 6000


020 8667 1212


0800 800500


Trim Trail

We now have a Trim Trail and Train up on the field for children under 5 to use. In order to help prevent accidents we have produced the following guidance:

  • Please ensure that your child is supervised at all times on the equipment
  • The equipment is only suitable for children up to the age of 5 years
  • Ensure children have appropriate clothing and footwear for the equipment
  • Do not use the equipment when it is wet as the surfaces may become slippery
  • Caution may be needed when the ground is frozen or very dry in the summer as it will not provide a cushion if a child falls
  • You use the equipment at your own risk, Woodlands C. C. Staff are unable to supervise the use of the equipment
  • Please report any equipment that is damaged or faulty to the Centre staff or any animal faeces, dangerous litter etc
  • Welly boots, adults’ and children’s, are available to borrow from the reception area when it is muddy.


Protocol for use of Sensory and Soft Play Rooms.

The soft play room and sensory room are resources of the Centre that are shared with a wide range of users. It is therefore very important that they are maintained to a high standard to ensure the safety and well being of all that use them.

We therefore request that all users follow an agreed protocol.

Soft Play

  • All shoes must be removed before entering room and stored neatly under the bench
  • Children must be supervised by their parent or carer at all times
  • Children must not jump off the ledge into the ball pond
  • No food, drinks or toys may be taken into the room
  • Users must report any damage or faults to the Centre staff immediately
  • Any ‘toileting accidents’ must be reported to Centre staff immediately
  • The room must be left tidy for the next user

Sensory Room

Shoes can be worn in this room, children must be supervised by their parent or carer at all times. No food or drinks may be taken into the room, Users must report any damage or faults to the Centre staff immediately, Any ‘toileting accidents’ must be reported to Centre staff immediately, The room must be left tidy for the next user.

Both rooms will be closed periodically for intense cleaning and maintenance. The Centre will endeavour to provide users with as much notification of any closures as is possible.