Woodlands Children’s Centre is governed by the School’s Governors at Gilbert Scott School, however they would like the parents who use the Centre and the service providers that work there to have an input into the service that is delivered.

What would you like at the Centre? What is working well and what could be improved?

Parents’ Forum

This  meets once every term, during the day . It  provides an opportunity for parents and carers who use the Centre to meet up and discuss how the Centre is doing and make suggestions on how things could be improved, or new ideas for the programme etc. The Forum is a very relaxed and informal session with just brief notes or minutes taken to pass onto the Woodlands Voice Committee and Governors.

The Parent’s Forum is run by parent Catherine Bird and you can leave messages for her at the Centre. She is very happy to talk to parents outside of the forum times.

Minutes are always available on the parents’ noticeboard opposite the Creche room.

Woodlands Voice

This meets every term. Representatives from all user groups, such as Health, Job Centre Plus and Parents will be invited to attend. These slightly more formal sessions will address any  issues  that may have arisen about providing services from the Centre, partnership working and to plan future joint events etc.

This committee is chaired by Catherine Bird our parent representative.

If you would like to be involved in either of these meetings please let Liz know and she will be able to give you minutes of previous meetings and details of dates for future meetings.

Governors Sub Group

This group meets once per term, usually shortly after the Woodlands Voice meeting. This group then feed into the main Governing body of the school.

Catherine Bird, our parent rep also sits on this committee to ensure the voice of the parents is heard

The Chair of the Group is Cllr Jason Cummings and he can be contacted via email